RapidFIRE 5.8GHz Goggle Module

RapidFIRE 5.8GHz Goggle Module


Release Date: May 2018
Coolness Factor: Extreme!
Compatibility: All Dominator(tm) LCD goggles, including V1, V2, V3, SE, HD1, HD2, HD3, HDO. Plus Attitude V3, V4
Auxiliary Power: Included kit + flat flex cable for goggles that cannot provide enough power (Attitude and Dom HDO do not require this)
Accessories Included: Module doors for Dominator and Attitude, Aux power PCB for Headtracker slot, and flat flex cable.
Sensitivity: Better than -96dBm
Power: 5V @ ~350mA
Alarms: Internal beeper to warn of marginal reception
Modes: rapidFIRE, Classic Diversity, or Upper/Lower Rx options (single Rx modes increase battery life)
The secret stuff… : Cool hidden feature to be announced

          新品  正規輸入品
          ゆうパック 60サイズ


期間限定 フラッシュセール 13900円(税別)